Tryna be babely on Kinklive right now! 

On Naked / make an account & come say hi! 

If any of you are on mygirlfund come find me & add me as a friend & send me pictures of your pets! emoji

Sometimes you can’t take a good pic to tell people you’re on cam so this is the only thing that happens! Also I’m on right meow!

I’m actually using the encoder stuff on cam today so it should look super nice on y’alls end! Come say hi! 

Not sure what my face doin’ but I know what my booty doing! It’s about to get on 

Slowly but surely making my cam area all prettied out! I’ll be playing on for a bit, I’ll holla if I move!

YO! SUP! I’m back! With discount private show on! YAY EVERYTHING!

Doing that thing on that I do!

I’m gonna make some weird gluten-free donut balls/give out a custom vid to the highest tipper! 

Late start but drinking & strip hangman going on right now! Winners get video prizes!