My newest g/g scene with Eidyia is now up on Clips4sale for your viewing pleasures! It’s cool, we get down all old school Tony Scott style! You can see a preview of the 18 minute video HERE! SO MANY EXCLAMATION MAKES ‘CAUSE I’M SO DAMN EXCITED!

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selina kyl // roxy rox ///// vol. 2
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by the kill collective

coming soon

pre-coital dance with asha lo!

I bought a Go Pro! It’s awesome for shower booty gifs!


happy sunday 


seducing bitches 


another gif of @selinakyl and i. make sure you get our video at

I have a different video of the two of us on my profile at Go check them out!

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Booty .gif! This is my daily happy dance :D

If you didn’t get a custom striptease video from me you’re missing out…

Gotdamn! Sheeyit, even I want one of those videos.


the creepster + mika + the creepster kermit


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