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are you for gay marriage?

no i make indie girl/girl porn, smoke weed, and believe strongly in the sanctity of traditional religious institutions 

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You're the kind of girl I'd actually like to get to know as a person, but I accidently jerked off to you before I knew your name. You then randomly popped up in my instagram feed and thats how I found you. But I suppose it's too late now, no cam girl makes legitimate connections online.

>scrolling through instagram
>sees selina kyl
>”oh she seems interesting”
>”i would really like to know this girl”
> starts cumming
>oh no
>cums cums cums cum
>cumming so hard
>semen spraying on the walls
>”wtf is happening”
>look down
>dick in hand
>accidental masturbation
>”oh no”
>”oh god no”
>”not again”

>”now we’ll never be friends”


Sometimes i feel that wearing florals and cute clothing turns me into the epitome of ~pastel goth~ ♡♥
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Playin’ around on Chaturbate - come say hi!

Trying this out tomorrow, come join me! I’ll wear a pretty dress and prolly get naked. And there will be cookie & video prizes! If it’s a success I’ll do more in the future! 😜👍

Free slurpee ecstasy! 

Shot by KillEveryth1ng


Shot by KillEveryth1ng

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Happy 7-11 day, got my free Slurpee & my @slurpcult hat! I’m ready to play on cam for a bit, come visit at in 15!

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Being an egg head on, come hang and throw your tokens at me in a few!