Hanging out on @kinklive for a tiny bit, I haven’t been on in a week so come say hi to me!

Booty shot ‘cause butts are cool & I wanna remind you I still have that video sale going on until the 19th @ www.extralunchmoney.com/user/SelinaKyl & selinakyl.clipvia.com!

look at this stupid head.

god-shaped-void asked:
Hey, not to be a complete dick, but I tried one of your promo codes at Clipvia (cool), but it said it had expired...? *super puzzled look* (It's ok, you can call me a dick, if you want.)

You’re not being one at all! Thanks for letting me know it wasn’t working, I didn’t see that the default expiration date was set for 1969! I guess no one is a time traveler! Should be fixed now, if that doesn’t work than make sure COOL or WHOA is uppercase ‘cause I’m not sure if it’s case sensitive.
**answering this publicly in case anyone else had this problem!**


Dressed like some old man baseball player at the airport! 😜 #ootd

Venue Setting for Maison Martin Margiela S/S 2013

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Take private sessions on www.kinklive.com & Skype shows as I’m gonna be outta town for a whole week tomorrow! I *might* be able to do Skype shows from my phone, email me at selinakylbooking@gmail.com if interested!

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life is SO ugly

About to hop on C  for my Sunday bake show! Highest tipper will win a custom video!


FKA Twigs

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Getting on  with my freakish alien face for some late night sessions!